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3DStudio 6.0, need help using the IGame SDKwith instances...

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I currently have an exporter I wrote for 3dstudio, but Problem is I am redoing part of it and cannot figure out how to get this thing to work out. I now want to export the meshes and the objects seperatly. So for instance say I have one mesh, then clone it multiple times and each time I apply a different rotation, translation or scale. So the mesh is the same but the matrix on the object is different. Now when I grab the pointer to each mesh from the objects, the pointers are different. Yet the object is cloned(instanced, referenced, or copied), i get the same bad results for each one, all for some reason have pointers to different meshs. I cant understand why, or how I can compare these meshes so I dont output multiple ones, without having to test every single vertex. Any ideas? Thanks, Brad

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