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Obfuscated Ruby Code...

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Is it true that ruby can be obfuscated? o_O Also, is it possible to pack image files, and sound files, and other files all into 1 file, but still be able to run the code? Thanks.

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For your second question, you can do that with resources in EXEs (under Windows) and possibly with Makeself (under Unix), although I have yet to test my theory.

As for your first question, I suspect Ruby's syntax is too clean to allow advanced obfuscation like you can get with C and Perl...


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The most obfuscated I could get with it is the following:

index.puts("[blist"+(`ls #$wikidir/pages`.grep(/^#{letter}/).\ map{|s|s.chomp.gsub(/\.\d+$/,'')}"#$wikidir/gend").\ grep(/^#{letter}/).map{|s|s.gsub(/:.*/,'')}).sort.\ map{|el| "[item #{el}]"}.join+']')

I have an 8 line comment to explain to myself what it does.
Probably not nearly as obfuscated, as fyhuang said, as C or perl could get.

edit: wrote code instead of source
edit 2: it ate my backslashes
edit 3: removed the source tag to try to get it to stop eating the backslash newlines
edit 4: double the backslashes. If this doesn't work, at least I tried.

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I posted this entry to the IORCC (International Obfsucated Ruby Code Contest):

a.transpose.each{ |a|
|i|print i==49?

Obfuscated enough for you? :)

Edit: The board software removed three important back slashes.

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