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Game Institute AI Course

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Doggan    528
I'm just wondering if anyone has taken the Game Institute AI course yet (or is currently enrolled), and if you have any feedback on it? Good material? Explanations? Code examples? etc... It just opened about a month ago so I'm not sure if many people have enrolled yet. I took their DirectX course last year and was very pleased with it, so I most likely will sign up for this one anyways, but I figured I'd ask. Thanks ;)

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xEricx    572

I guess it all depends on your knowledge of AI for games... I find it a bit costy though.

I am totally biaised, so you'd better not give too much credit to what I say, but when I compare Mat Buckland's latest book (Mods, feel free to update the link to have gamedev as a referer) which sells for $32,97 with this course which has pretty much the "same content", though I don't know how well explained... for nearly 3 times the price... I'd go with Mat's book anytime. Especially since Mat (fup on this board) often visits the AI board and he answers questions about his books on his own forum on

Hope this helps!


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