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Amount of lines of code compiled

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This is sort of a stupid question. In my earlier programming days with Turbo Pascal and TC++ the IDEs told you how many lines of code was compiled. How do you see this in VC++ 7?

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I'm pretty sure they nicked that out of the compiler options a long time ago, but what you can do nowaways is use PLC (Project Line Counter)


The Project Line Counter add-in reports statistics about files in your VC5/6 and VS.NET projects.
Key Features

* Supports all versions of Visual Studio going back to Visual C++ 5!:
o Visual Studio .NET 2003 NEW!
o Visual Studio .NET 2002
o Developer Studio 6
o Developer Studio 5
Read below to see how that was done.
* Automatically scans your workspace and project files.
* Varied statistical data about your source code, including: lines of code and comment lines.
* Includes parsers for: C/C++, VB, INI and other file types.
* Can filter statistics based on workspace or project files and/or custom wildcards.
* Reporting & Exporting:
o Export as CSV file for processing by Microsoft Excel (includes sample worksheet with statistical analysis).
o Export as XML for use with the report stylesheets. IMPROVED!
* Online help.
* Full source code.

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