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fgets() question

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Hi, I am trying to read in data from a file line by line with fgets(). I read some doc which said that fgets returns a NULL pointer at end of file, but it didn't work for me. I used a while loop: FILE *fin; fin = fopen (filename, "rt"); char *buf[255]; while(1) { fgets (buf, 255, fin); if (buf == NULL) break; // .... } but i just got an infinite loop crashing my program. So how do I know when I have reached end of file? I don't want to use fstream functions. Thanks

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I hear what you're saying, and I tried numerous other methods like what enigma said, or

int c;

while ((c = fgetc(fin)) != EOF)
// ...

but I am getting unexpected results - like (I am actually reading in a list of vertices and faces for drawing with opengl, and) all the faces aren't being drawn. There are no blank lines in the file, either.

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