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string not behaving as expected

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int pos=0;
string tt, buffer="...";
while( pos < buffer.length() ) {
	string tt = buffer.substr(pos, pos+5);
	pos += 5;
When I check the length of string 'tt', it keeps getting larger and larger, when I expect the size to always be 5.

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string tt;
while ( ... ) {
string tt = ...;

You're defining tt twice. When you call tt.clear(), you're clearing the string that will be discarded at the end of the loop anyways.

For the GCC compiler, if you want to recieve warnings about this, you can use -Wshadow. Don't know about Microsoft's compilers, sorry.

EDIT: err, substr is the reason it's growing (you must be inspecting it's size, as the outer tt is never modified), but this is still probably a problem IMO.

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