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skeletal animation problem

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hi guys. I have written a character class that accepts model data and animation data to render animated meshes. I have decided to read in the animation data seperately from the model data, and seperate files for different animations of the same model. Thus, i first load the model data, during class initialisation, and then later, as need be, i load the required animation files. But this does not work. I use Milkshape3D to generate my model and animation data. It appears to me as though milkshape exports the animation (Keyframe) data in local rotation/translation (ie relative co-ords), not absolute co-ords. This relative notation is relative to the particular animations first frame, and not some standard position. This means, different animations have different initial bone positions, and thus are out of sync with the original or standard model data. This yields distorted results. Plz advice.

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