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Dev48GameDev    122
Hello! I post some threads about 3D engine or network programming. Lots of answers thanks to everyone!! Thanks GameDev! But I do not know how to do such a simple thing than a menu!! Indeed, creating a 3D engine with lot of special effets which works with 120 frames per second is great for your game. But creating menus is also a thing which I believe, is very important!! I just want to know how can I crete these Menus (Fifa like, or DungeonKeeper Like). How can I do Transitions between each menus? Do I have save menu in file first and read this file? Do I have to use so famous XML? Do I have Lua to scipt transition or action for every button? I hope you'll understand what I want to know Thanks in advance! DEV

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Once you know how to draw on the screen, displaying a menu is not the hard part: you just render some quads with text on the screen. If you know hao to handle the mouse, then you're done.

Designing a menu system is not that hard. It has to do with UI and game states. By clicking on a menu option, you go from one state to another. Each time you click on a meun option, you load the new game state - it may be "optino panel", "exit" or "new game".

Now, you can do whatever you want during the transitions (animations, fade, and so on) - it is entirely up to you :)

The main thing is: you dont HAVE to use a particular technology. Technologies are just tools. One can want to use XML setup the text of each menu option, but it is not necessary to do so. If you want to create a scriptable game (remember: script the things that need to be scripted. It is totally useless to script the option screen , for example), then Lua might help you to link one menu to another. But the link can be hardcoded as well - there is nothing wrong with it, since menu games don't change often (an a lua script is still some code).

To help you to choose the right way, remember to always perform these action when you want to create a software:
1) list your requirements
2) link the requirememts together
3) design your software (I mean: try to think to how you will implement your software)
4) choose the technology
5) code :)


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Rob Loach    1504
Creating your own menu GUI system is such a pain, but the solution many people take as you don't have to learn a completely new third party library. Crazy Eddie's GUI seems to be the most powerful open-source GUI system available at the momment. If you're brave enough, you could check it out.

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