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about skeleton in 3Ds Max

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Hi fellows I need to use Human Skeleton in my project. I checked if I can use the 3D Max for this goal(it was my first contact with 3D Max). I tested it and made some conclusions. could you just look at them ,and tell me What is Wrong,and what's right. I want you to lay strictures on this conclusions. 1) biped skeleton The 3Ds Max have the build in skeleton in it . that called ‘biped’ .This skeleton have the Inverse Kinematics While experimenting with ‘biped’ I understood this: The is different levels of inverse kinematics in Skeletons. This means , that some skeletons(most of the skeletons in 3D programs) like ‘biped’ Only partly have ‘inverse kinematics’ in them. Let’s define : ‘Inverse Kinematics(IK) chain’-is the chain of bones ,such that , moving the starting Bone in this chain affecting the all other bones in this chain to move ,by using the Inverse Kinematics algorithm . So the is Human model that all bones of the model is one IK Chain. And there is Human Models that have some IK chains in it. For example hand(all the parts of the hand) is IK Chain, leg is IK Chain And so on.. ,but torso is not included in this IK Chains. This means that if we will move the down hand , the upper hand will react on this But the torso not. ‘biped’-looks like this kind of model (I am not sure ,but it’s looks like it is) 2) HumanIK plug-in -excellent thing .It the model that all bones of the model is one IK Chain. Can be accessed from the Max script ,but I don’t sure ,if it can be accessed from API 3)create bones chain of Human by ourselves , Select some chains in the model and made them to be IK chains, by applying the IK Solver For them . The IK Solver is the algorithm that found the position of all the bones(joints) Of the IK Chain ,while the starting Bone(chain moves) Why can’t we made whole Human Chain be the one IK Chain Because 3D Max don’t have such IK solvers ,to solve this advanced Chain The 3D Max IK solvers (algorithms) can solve only the simple chains. Not such advanced like the human skeleton. 4)there is MoCap tool in 3Ds Max MoCap(Motion capture) is the practice of getting motion data from live actors performing various actions. The motion data is captured (retrieved) via sensors placed at the actors' joints and extremities. 3ds max does not perform motion capture, but it accepts motion-capture data in the most commonly used formats like the all joints coordinates at all frame or the both foots coordinates at all frames. Could it be done : with foot and arm coordinates on all frames is the open question? I think not, But I can’t be sure. The problem of all this techniques is: Every one of them return only one possible solution (one possible position) As you know there is many degrees of freedom ,in the skeleton And when we have all joints positions at frame 1 We need almost all joint positions at frame 2 To solve for exact pose of the skeleton at frame 2 ,with inverse kinematics So when we have the lack of Data , the solution couldn’t be unique ,we will get the set of possible positions. (and this what we want to get from the skeleton) In the case of Data lack, 3D Max pick one of the possible positions (which of them?, I don’t know) The main idea in 3D Max ,is that the inverse kinematics must work by interacting with User. The 3D Max used by animators ,to build the animations . So animators is responsible for increasing the degrees of freedom (they can do it by fixing some joints ,and so on)

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