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Pushing the experience on. pacing.

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Ketchaval    186
From David Cage: Time is a very important element in Fahrenheit. I tried to use it to put the pressure on the player as much as possible. I wanted the experience to always move on, to even push the player if necessary. I did not want him to slow down the pace of the storytelling. Special events happen in almost all scenes, sometimes in real time, sometimes in "movie time". Lucas, as a fugitive, is much more under pressure. Carla, as the detective, has a different relationship to time.
As David Cage notes above, I think that one of the big issues in gaming is Pacing and the stop, restart loops. (Ie. Going back to a checkpoint, or reloading on failure). Imagine if an action movie worked this way, and skipped back to the beginning of a scene each time the character got hit. Well, can we force the player onwards by removing dead-ends and putting something that will force them to hurry forwards through the game? And would this be enjoyable?

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AgentC    2352
Some random ideas..

- Instead of health, have a quickly recharging "luck" meter, as long as it has "charge", enemy bullets behave like bad guy-bullets(TM) should, only missing or scratching. So, as long as you're alive, you're always encouraged to move on and keep fighting instead of reload/restart.

- Not necessarily a time limit, but something nasty behind the player, getting closer and closer. It would give room to maneuver and you could visually gauge in how much hurry you are, ultimately having to move on.

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