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help with HWND DC BitBlt

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hi there. I am trying to get the move-screen refresh working, using DCs and GDI, but no success, due to a single problem, which is getting a window control ( such as an edit field, or button ) to draw into a temp DC, before BitBlt'ing the final product in one go at the end. Here's what I do ( for the edit field for example ) HDC tempDC = GetDC(m_hWndName); BitBlt(m_hDCBuffer, NAME_X, NAME_Y, NAME_WIDTH, NAME_HEIGHT, tempDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY); DCBuffer is then sent to the calling draw() function, which BitBlt's this DC to the screen, which works a treat for all the GDI stuff. But something really weird happens with my edit field, and I don't know why. It kind of drifts up and to the left whenever the window is dragged 'into' the screen, ie when it tries this refresh. It's really weird. So I guess I am doing something wrong with the DC for the edit window. The edit window by the way is a regular HWND, classed as TEXT("EDIT"). Help please :( *edit* the constants are the dimensions of the edit window, and do not change.

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