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CJWR Software LLC Announces The Ancient West

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Hello, I'm Charles Reed, CEO of CJWR Software. (and thus, my name on these forums) We're a small company (just myself lol) located in New Jersey. We've been working for the past few weeks on creating our first game, The Ancient West. The Ancient West is a old west based adventure game, sort of the old 2d zelda games. The Ancient West will hopefully be in beta testing sometime in the middle of July with its release sometime this fall. There isn't really to much to say about the game right now, as we're still working on the game engine. However, i do have a screenshot for anyone interested in this project. Yes, i know the graphics need work, but we're working more on the game engine at this time. I'm going to be working for a few hours on the website tomorrow morning, and i will update this thread with it at that time. I thank you for any comments you may have about ideas for the game and about running a game company in general. Screen Shot URL: sorry about the bad image quailty, jpg :(

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