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[web] JavaScript to Flash - goto scene and play?

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I'm trying to use javascript to communicate with a swf movie to tell it to goto and play a particular scene. Now I've know about flash.GotoFrame(n) but I need it goto a particular scene Is this possible or do I need a one scene movie? The following code shows what I'm trying to do...
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
// jumps to flash frame
function jumpToEmail()
	var flash = MM_findObj("flash");  // get flash object	
	flash.gotoAndStop("Email",[1]);     // this doesn't work but you get the idea

(the flash object is being found ok) [Edited by - Kristafarii on June 30, 2005 12:09:58 AM]

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I haven't had a reply on this all day so here's a bit more info about what I'm trying to do.

If you visit my website and offer me a job on the Gold Coast - Australia I'll be very happy :)

but seriously...

If you go to my website you'll see I have the page split into 2 frames with a flash navigation bar at the top.

The Nav bar displays what page is showing in the lower frame. This works fine as long as you use the nav bar, however if you use the browser's back or forward buttona, or use a link in the lower frame then the nav bar doesn't change and so doesn't reflect the current page.

This is why I need to tell the nav bar to goto a particular scene (each scene is for a different page). I really don't want to radically change the way the nav bar works because it's an intricate little beast.

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