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Problems with textures exporting .3ds files with blender

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Hello every one. I am currently using the .3ds file format in my engine. I've also been using blender to handle all modeling. I've setup the proper python scripts to export and import .3ds files into blender. The problem occurs when I attempt to create a new model from scratch. I texture the model and then export it. When I load the model into my engine the model does not contain a texture. I doubled checked by importing the model back into blender and again no texture. Has anyone else delt with this issue? I'm developing under debian linux and using blender version 2.36. The version of the export script being used is as follows # 3ds Importer # By: Bob Holcomb and Richard Lärkäng # Date: 22 APR 04 # Ver: 0.7. Any help is greatly apreciated.

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