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Best to learn, what?

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Nintendo777    104
Hi im new to this forum and game making itself(well...I have use game maker but, only a little) and I just had a few questions. One, if im trying to make a game that can be played on the psp(like Snes or Gba) what game engine could i use to convert them to .smc or GBA files(i would like it to have 3d gfx)? and two, what should i learn if i want to continue making games for pc with 3d graphics?(p.s. I can already make 3d graphics, i was thinking about directx but i heard it was hard to use.) THANKS

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TriSwords    132
Well if you want to create GBA games, you can search google for gba development. It is something like, but im not sure. You can play games with a emulator, but there would really be no way to put them onto a cartridge. You cannot create PSP games to my knowledge(the only way to get a PSP SDK is to be an official psp developer if I understand it right. If I am wrong, PLEASE correct me anyone). As far as SNES goes I am not sure.

For the GBA dev kit it uses C++(or some variant). C++ is good for computer languages. I myself know Java, and I find it a fairly easy language. I have looked into C++ and C# and have not had a huge amount of trouble transferring.

You can use DirectX9 or I have recently run across something called truespace3d. is the link. I am not 100% sure how good it is since I just downloaded it, but it looks solid.

Hope that might help a bit.


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Will F    1069
If you haven't seen these already, a good place to start is here.

Also this forum's FAQ might answer some of your questions.

I don't know much about developing psp games, my guess is that if you want to make official games you'll need to obtain a dev kit from sony - which is probably many thousands of dollars.

Though there is an open source PSP Dev Kit, but I haven't really looked at it, and don't know what it's current capabilities are.

As for doing SNES games, here is as good a place to start as any.

As for finding a game engine to convert to .smc or GBA files, I very much doubt something like this exists.

As for getting started with pc games with 3D graphics, using SDL with OpenGL is probably one of the easiest ways to get started.

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