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Vmr9 alpha blending doesn't work at certain sizes for .rSrc

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The VMR9 alpha bitmap does not blend properly, eliminating the scrcolor, when the size of the bitmap is at certain settings. I have done some testing. A size of 0,0,128,32 works but 0,0,600,600 does not eliminate the scrcolor pixels. Does anyone know the cause of this and can provide a solution? I am using directx sdk 9.0c. A sample of the code is given below // Configure the VMR's bitmap structure ZeroMemory(&gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp, sizeof(gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp)); gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.dwFlags = VMR9AlphaBitmap_hDC|VMR9AlphaBitmap_SrcColorKey; gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.hdc = hdcBmp1; RECT rc; //Set the source rect SetRect(&rc, 0, 0, 320, 128); //Alpha blending doesn't work properly //this values are changed gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.rSrc = rc; //rDest specifies the destination rectangle in composition space (0.0f to 1.0f) gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.rDest.left = 0.0f;//g_xPos; //default = 0.0f;//g_yPos; gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.rDest.right = 1.0f;//g_xPos + g_xSize; gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.rDest.bottom = 1.0f;//g_yPos + g_ySize; // Set the COLORREF so that the bitmap outline will be transparent gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.clrSrcKey = RGB(255, 255, 255); //default gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.dwFlags |= VMR9AlphaBitmap_SrcColorKey ;//|VMR9AlphaBitmap_Disable; // Transparency value 1.0 is opaque, 0.0 is transparent. gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp.fAlpha = 1; //default //Get VMR9 alpha-blended bitmap interface HRESULT hres = gCap.pVMRWC9->QueryInterface(IID_IVMRMixerBitmap9, (void**)&gCap.pVMRMixerBmp9); //HRESULT hres = m_Wc->QueryInterface(IID_IVMRMixerBitmap9, (LPVOID *)&pBmp); if(SUCCEEDED(hres)) { hres = gCap.pVMRMixerBmp9->SetAlphaBitmap(&gCap.pVMR9AlphaBmp); //pBmp->Release(); }

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