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[web] PHP Question - Dividing Database results into pages

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I have written a blog for my CMS and I was wondering what would be the best way to take all the entries out of the database and format them on separate pages with say five entries per page.


Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 page1 | page 2 | page 3 is something like I would like to setup and what I want to know is how to divide the db results into the separate pages.

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if you use LIMIT and OFFSET in your mySQL SELECT statement
you should be able to select just the rows you require



will return rows 10 - 19
(I think this syntax is correct - I haven't tested it though)

for more details.

If you would to find out how many pages of data you have

$query = "SELECT count(*) FROM TABLE_NAME";
$result = SQLquery($query); // this just executes the sql query
$count = ($result > 0) ? mysql_result($result,0,0) : 0; // this is to make sure you get a number as a result

// calc number of pages plus 1 page for any left-overs
$num_pages = ($count / $rows_per_page) + ($count % $rows_per_page == 0 ? 0 : 1);

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Search google for "mysql paging" or "paged results". There are a couple different ways of doing it - some people say that the extra COUNT(*) query is overkill and others say that it's the fastest way. Right now I'm not using it with my site and it seems fast enough but we'll see how things go heh.

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