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freedroidrpg version 0.9.13 released

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Hi guys! After more than a year, we've now just released the new version (0.9.13) of the open-source (GPL License, i.e. you get the source, you can copy and redistribute this, and of course, you can help with the development too) graphical single player role playing game FreedriodRPG. Comments and feedback would be very much appreciated. We've got a mailing list with address The project home page is located at The Sourceforge project page can be accessed under The download for Windows and Linux from here: or by simply clicking the following screenshot in order to get to the sourceforge download page where you can select your platform and version to download: The game also comes with a built-in level editor, a dialog editor and an items editor. The game is released under the GNU General Public license. Unfortunately we've not yet succeeded in porting the dialog editor or the item editor to the Windows operating system family. Thanks a lot for your attention and see ya, the FreedroidRPG dev team. <SPAN CLASS=editedby>[edited by - jprix2 on April 15, 2004 11:02:21 AM]</SPAN>

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