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Getting pick ray

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Thought I would share since it took me a while to figure this out. No matrix multiplications or inverse matrix calculations needed. Here is how I do it (takes screen coordinates as input):
public Ray GetPickRay(int x, int y)
	// transform screen coordinates to clip coordinates (-1, -1) - (1, 1)
	float cX = 2 * x / windowWidth - 1;
	float cY = 1 - 2 * y / windowHeight;

	// transform clip coordinates to view space coordinates
	float a = camera.Projection.ProjectionMatrix.M00;
	float b = camera.Projection.ProjectionMatrix.M11;
	Vector3 v = new Vector3(cX/a, cY/b, camera.Projection.Near);

	// rotate and normalize
	Vector3 w = camera.Rotation * v;
	return new Ray(camera.Position, w.Normalize());

This requires that you have information about distance to near clipping plane and camera rotation and position. The ray is represented by an origin and direction vector.

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