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DirectX Sample Framework - GUI - How to use with existing Application and Device ?

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Hello and good evening, firstly thanks to the operators and users of this forum for this great discussion platform. I`ve already solved some problems in the past by reading some posts here. Now I have one question about the latest DirectX Sample Framework for which I found no answer yet. I have an existing DirectX device and also a existing application Window which I want to use for the GUI system of the sample framework (I only want to use the GUI system of the sample framwork and no other crap !). How can I do this ? I did not find any tutorial about that yet (only a tutorial about creating a application with the sample framework at Msdn) ! Thanks in advance for any tip and any line of source !! :=) By the way i have to add that I`m developing my Application with Borland Delphi, but I also know C and can translate the source without any problem (in DirectX it`s nearly the same). Greetings, Thomas

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