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Tesselate the interior of a closed rendered Bezier or NURBS curve in OpenGL

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I have a set of curves, each with a different number of control points. In this set, the last control point, of the last curve in the set, meets with the first control point of the first curve in the set. Simply stated, when the curves are rendered, a closed form or contour is created. I need to be able to tesselate the interior of this closed form. The problem I'm having is that when I use gluNurbsCurve() or gluEvalCoord1f () for NURBS or Bezier respectively, I cannot get the coordinate date to pass to a tesselation routine. Is there something I'm missing. Is there a simple function call I don't know of or GL State I'm not setting? I would like to do this without using GL extensions of any type.

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