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Collision detection in actionscript help!

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Hi guys, I want that my enemy cars don't overlap, this is the link this is my enemy layer: createEnemy = function(type, x, y) { var nm = "enemy" + enemyCount; enemyLayer.attachMovie(type, nm, enemyCount); enemyLayer[nm]._x = x; enemyLayer[nm].xline = x; enemyLayer[nm]._y = y; enemyLayer[nm].dy = Math.random() * 3 + 10; enemyLayer[nm].onEnterFrame = function() { this._x = this.xline; this._y += this.dy; if (this._currentframe == 1 && car.hitTest(this._x, this._y, true)) { counter = 1; doCounter();; } if (this._y > 750) this.removeMovieClip(); } enemyCount ++; enemyCount %= 10; } ok, and, inside this, i want to put: if ((enemyLayer("bob", x, y)).hitTest((enemyLayer("bus", x, y)),true)) { trace ("collision!!"); } I'm not right cause it doesn't work, but am I close?? thank u guys!!

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