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Death Squad

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A game where you are a member of the military and your job is to hunt down mutants, these mutants havent done anything to warrent this, they are not trying to take over the world. Think of the second xmen movie, except your not the supermen you are the private military hunting them down. Maybe later on the game the other authorities/governments will take side with the mutants so you are not only battling mutants but also humans.

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Sorry, can't think of any right now.

Oh, were you pitching? My bad. =D

I couldn't tell because you didn't actually say anything about it. Do you think it would be fun to play?

It may not be the same thing, but I'd consider this equivalent to the new multiplayer games of Merc. vs. Spy in the Splinter Cell games, confronting a dragon in an MMO, or the "big bosses" that made the Contra games so popular.

What do these have in common? Ultimately, they all come down to a different type of balance: different tactics that work. The Spies team in Splinter Cell, it's almost guaranteed, won't try to go in guns-blazing against any number of capable Mercenaries; a 200-ton dragon with practical body armor and a powerful tail probably isn't going to try to use a "Quick Attack" or "Flurry" on your party. <insert Contra bosses' tactics here>

Same thing when fighting super-powered villains. If my team is going in with heavy armor that the Wolverine-stereotype-but-not-carbon-copy can't cut through, but we're vulnerable to the Cyclops-stereotype-but-also-not-carbon-copy's almost-optic blasts, we'll modify our tactics.

Halfway through that last paragraph I lost interest in this post. *sigh* I think the point I was trying to make was that tactics are important and blah blah blah copyright infringement.

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