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How to calculate the inertia tensor for a tetrahedron?

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johnnyBravo    100
Hi, I need to calculate the inertia tensor for a tetrahedron. I was wondering if someone could show me how to calculate that matrix? Also if you could maybe make it relatively simple as I do not know what all those symbols etc mean. Thanks

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oliii    2196
why a tetrahedron? [smile] On the web, you can find moment of inertia of pretty much anything, but tetrahedron is harder.

Anyway, since you are biulding up your physics skills, and looking for rigid body litteratures, here is another of the 100 tutorials / courses you can download. (same, but with pretty colours)

That's a quick summary of Baraff's papers.

as for the tetrahedron, point sampling, build an inertia tensor, then compute the eigen vectors to get a diagonal matrix. It's not that difficult, It will be a good exercise. [grin]

Else, try to find docs on how to compute moment of inertia of convex hulls.

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