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Painting Characters

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I know that alot of you guys here make rpgs and for those game you draw for example lots npc:s that almost look the same. The npc:s usaually have a number of diffrent frames. My questions is if anyone knows a good way to draw alot of characters looking almost the same in a way that givs good results and is faster then drawing each sprite induvidually. I have thought about drawing some kind of basic sprite and then just "filling" it with diffrent colors for diffrent npc:s. Anyone else that got some good ideas? ------- Me Hardguy. and here is my game...

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well, its easy enough to draw a central animation sequence and edit it but actully, adding the details to the animation for each character is a bitch. belive me. I tried somthing very similar to your idea and it was more of a hasstle than actully drawing each character individually. the simplist way i can see is modeling them in 3d and trying to add the detail later. it is still more of a hastle. there really is no way to take shortcuts on art so whatever you try is your best bet.

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