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MS eMbedded VC++ n Windows Media Player SDK question

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Hi guys, I have an assignment to build a custom plugin for Windows Media Player 9 running on Windows CE 4.2 Platform. I've installed MS eMbedded VC++ and Windows Media Player 9 SDK. How to "connect" these two tools so that I can make the plugin. Actually soveral "roadmap" has come into my mind, but I'm still not sure about it. I need advices from someone that has done similar development before. Note that I've done embedded programming before on ARM7TDMI (GBA) platform before using GNU Tools, so even something like "linker script" won't be a problem. Anyway the target platform is an embedded x86 system. Do I need to include the plugins during the build of the WinCE Image using Platform builder IDE? or I can add it later after the OS Image "installed" in the target platform? TIA Pinczakko [Edited by - Pinczakko on July 1, 2005 3:40:33 AM]

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