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C#: OpenGL extension loading (or mapping a function pointer to a delegate).

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Anyone who's ever tried to load OpenGL extensions under C# may have encountered a interesting problem. Extensions, function pointers in C, can be mapped nicely to delegates in C#. Under the 2.0 framework there is a Marshal.GetDelegateFromFunctionPointer() method that, well, does what its name suggests ;) All would be nice and well, but for one little thing: there is no such method under the 1.1 (either MS or Mono implementation) framework. Up to now I haven't been able to find a way to do the same under the current standard - and now I'm completely stuck. I now have two options: a) ditch C# and return to C++ (bad), b) ditch OpenGL and goto DirectX (very bad) or c) turn to the Gamedev for help. (I know that makes three, but hey!) Please, take a shot at this problem. A Cookie and an honorable mention in my games' credits await any who help this poor developer! :D

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