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Hey GQ... I just read the post about putting up screen shots of my work. Unfortunately my work is in such an early stage that there is no images for me to take. Also... I''m so busy right now trying to get a project for work complete that I don''t have time to work on my engine. I stopped working on the engine at a point where I was just adding support of a custom form of inheritance so that I can put all my objects in a seperate DLL and other people can build on them. I''ll let you know when I finally get some screenshots. Dino M. Gambone
Good judgement is gained through experience. Experience, however, is gained through bad judgement.

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No worries about the screenshots.

I only asked because I have really liked your articles and posts on this site. You have put some good thought into using OODesign and general design issues into your project which is exactly the kind of knowledge i need to here. In fact, i hope you dont mind that i am going to try to base my rpg structure off of a hybrid of your object class structure and Jason McIntosh''s map structure, who wrote a tile article back in 96. So, as long as this project gets approved for my senior project i should have some questions once i get deep into them programming trenchs! 8)

Anyways, thanks for the response.

aka John M.
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