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Texture representation

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My game is tilebased, Ive got a vector which holds the data for all the tiles. std::vector <char> tile; // holds the data for all the tiles Im looking for a good system to represent the textures that is to be drawn at the tiles. One way I thought of is to make a .txt file in the image folder with the same name as the image. The file contains only one char, and thats the one that represents that texture in the vector. But how do I store it that way? I store the bitmaps in a std::map. std::map <std::string, SDL_Surface*> Bmp; // holds all the texture There I get the textures by using the filename for the texture. I just dont know how to get it all together, any ideas?

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My first map system was really simple.

The format went like this

4 4
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 1 0 0
1 1 1 1

The first two numbers were the width and height of the map in tiles.
The second line was the number of textures used in the map.
The next few lines list the names of the texture files.
The rest is the map data.

I loaded the textures into a vector in the order they were listed in the file so that the texture at texvector[0] was sky.bmp and texvector[1] was ground.bmp

The numbers in the map just correspond to that.

It was simple and it worked for me.

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