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D3D8 Camera

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Corsix    181
I am having a little problem with the D3D8 camera. Basically, I want the camera pointing at the origin, and rotating around it when the user moves the mouse. At the moment I am using D3DXMatrixRotationX/Z and D3DXVec3TransformCoord to change the view matrix upon mouse movement:
				int xPos = (GET_X_LPARAM(lParam)) - 300;
				int yPos = (GET_Y_LPARAM(lParam)) - 300;
				if(abs(xPos) > 5 || abs(yPos) > 5)
					D3DXMATRIX mtxRot;


					D3DXMatrixLookAtLH(&m_matView, &m_vecCameraPosition,&m_vecCameraLookAt,&m_vecCameraUp);
			return 0;
However, this is not working. So, A) Can you tell why? B) Is there a better solution?

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