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hi friends I've made a big terrain which is sorrounded by some mounts, and now I want to add more atmosphere to my scene, I suppose fog is a great option, I've also other objects such sky dome, a flag, some towers and etc. how should I implement fog? using pixel shader? vertex shader? which object should be used? terrain, sky? or the entire scene? where can I great sample (plus source code of course) demonstrating the fog effect? thanks in advance

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Fog can be quite good, but if you haven't put sky in yet I'd highly recommend that... obviously it depends how good you make it, but I've seen some very impressive demo's where the sky/clouds/sunlight REALLY added to the "believability" of the overall scene [grin]

There used to be a demo in the SDK of all the various built in per-vertex fog modes, but I don't think it exists anymore [sad] However, it does still exist as part of the fixed function pipeline - it's configured by a few of the basic render states:


Are the important ones from what I remember, check them out in the documentation for details.


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