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win32 Layers

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Can somebody point me to a good source of information about the underlay/overlay system in win32? I kinda get the basic concept, but that's all I can get information about. It seems to me to be a source of some possibly cool effects, but I can't get soem info, like how to get a lyaer's device context, or "minor" things like that.

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Went to: (the MSDN, the MicroSoft Developer's Network - e.g. run by the same corp that designed the Win32 API and whatnot, and thus (one of) the definitive sources on all things about the Win32 API).

Entered: "overlay" into the search box (no quotes). Hit GO.

Page 1: 1 Entry about Icons, and 9 entries with managed code (Signified by the Tons.Of.Dots notation). I don't use managed code, so clicked "Next >".

Page 2: More managed code. Yawn. I'm skimming for a guidelines page or something like that anyways, so clicked "Next >" again.

Page 3: Bingo. First link explains what Overlay surfaces are, appears to be part of the DirectDraw 7 documentation archive. So maybe slightly out of date, but that's OK. Clicky.

Read the documentaiton, it appears to explain it very well to me. It also includes links to the API interface used to create overlays.

It's not terribly amazing stuff, AFAIK you could emulate all of it's effects by using the painter's algorithm or similar methods. It's simply an optimization implementation detail.



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