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dxdotnet1    106
ive checked on some free 3d engines on the net and wonder if directX is optimized since most of these engine builds there own 3D vector class and their own matrix class? is D3DXVECTOR3 class optimized? how bout D3DXMATRIX. Some ppl create their own 3d vector class and use SSE for some vector operations thanks

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S1CA    1418
Yes, most D3DX maths functions are optimised and will make full use of SSE, SSE2 and 3DNow! instructions where present.

Common reasons why people create their own vector/matrix classes:

1) cross platform code; there's no D3DX on Linux or Mac for example, so you need to use something else on those platforms.

2) education; even if you use D3DX, it's still good to understand how its maths functions are implemented; it's good experience to write your own matrix and vector classes at least once just to understand - then after that you can use D3DX or similar.

3) personal taste; for example some C++ zealots have an irrational dislike of using a C style API.

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