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[web] flash tutorials

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Original post by game mercenary
id say thanks but that was rather usless.... I dont want anyone to go out of their way for this, but if you know of a tutorial that is good please do post it.

The reason it was useless is because this is NOT a site for Flash.
But you can try: at your leisure.

Best of luck

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I asked not to be given a site like that, that is a bunch of random tutorials.

this should cover flash, flash mx is a web design tool and this is the web programming board.....

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The problem is, you're not likely to find a whole series detailing the use of Flash. There are so many applications for Flash these days that it can be difficult to pin-point what you need. For example, artists tend to look more for drawing and animation tutorials, whereas programmers tend to look for ActionScript tutorials.

FlashKit is an incredible resource, and as frustrating as it is that tutorials on most of these sites don't run in tandem, that is how it is. If they wrote tutorials like that, they'd probably end up selling books instead. [wink] I think you'll be hard-pressed to find something online that corresponds essentially to sequential lessons.

You can definitely learn a hell of a lot from the tutorials online and many Flash pros haven't even been to any conferences or read any books at all; everything they've learnt has come from sites such as FlashKit. As a side note, FlashKit is renowned as being one of the leading Flash developer sites, so I don't think you should completely discard it.

Anyway, aside from all of this, the closest you'll get to a series of tutorials, is but it's only for ActionScript really. For what it's worth, this is already mentioned in the forum FAQ. Before you do anything else, read this FAQ. It lists a lot of resources for Flash developers among other things. Not only that, but each forum FAQ should be your first port of call for all the forums here.

Good luck.

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