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Few MFC questions.

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There are a few things in my program that I can't seem to fix, one of which is the spin control. What I'm trying to do is have a number box for selecting the right size of a texture mask, it works nicely however there isn't an event on the spin for an 'off click' so if I clicked all the way up to 100 and use the event UDN_DELTAPOS it only registers 99 until the even is over. When another box is edited and all boxes refresh again then it goes to the value it should be, but the box I currently edited is still one higher or lower then it should be. The second little problem is with the tree control, I have it so the user can create sequences then under the sequences they can create frames (it's a sprite animation program). However, the buttons are a little screwed up. If I click on frame1 under action1 and then right click I get the Edit, Del, etc. But when I right click on action1 without clicking it before hand I'll get the HTREEITEM of the frame1 instead. So in order to select Action1 after selecting Frame1, I have to do a left click then a right click to gain access to its menu. (Pretty much it won't refresh the current selected tree item unless it's done a left click)

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