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DirectX Libraries

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I have been fumbling around with Dx7 (Dx8 won''t correctly identify my hardware) and have had a hard time with the lighting. All my objects were painted black. Today, I changed the build settings from debug to release in VC++ and all the sudden the lighting worked like it was supposed to. What''s going on? Is a debug dll corrupt? Do I need to just link in the release dlls for the debug project? Is that even possible? Thanks for any help. Alan Simons

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Check project->settings...
Select the ''link'' tab and check if the link-library settings are the same for both Debug and Release configs.
If not, find the difference and change the debug-version accordingly.
AFAIK, the debug DLL''s only differ from the release versions in the debugger-output they generate, which you can redirect to a terminal computer, for example. Maybe there''s some type-checking as well, I don''t know.
I always link to the release DLL''s.

Good luck!
Sven Vermeulen,

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