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Managed Direct3D Bone Animation

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Greetings everyone, This may be a silly question. I don't currently have my project available so I can not test things at the moment, but I'm trying to do some planning and am stuck at this question. For awhile now I've been working on my mesh viewer which supports attachments and swapable skinned mesh parts and now I'm about to expand it into a game. The problem which I have run into, in my mind, is that my current demo only has one animated entity at any time. If I were to make a game it's quite obvious to me that you would only need one copy of each mesh type for any amount of items that use that mesh. All human entities for example would have pointers to the human mesh skin. However, each human entity would need it's own instances of the AnimationController and the frame skeletal hierarchy. Obviously, different entities will be using different animations at different times, and their frame position matrices will be different. So, when I load up an X file I get a MeshContainer with the Mesh, SkinInfo, BoneCombinationTable, AnimationController, and frame skeleton. Each mesh that wants to use this MeshContainer only needs pointers to the Mesh, SkinInfo, and BoneCombinationTable, but needs it's own instances of the AnimationController and frame skeleton right? And if so... how do you copy an AnimationController and frame skeleton (Which is just a parent->child setup of frames) and have that AnimationController set to update the new frame skeleton when you call AnimationController.AdvanceTime(...)? Part B: Once the above is solved, then I'd like a little more info on the AnimationController. If I _DO_ make a copy of it for every entity of that type, I don't need to copy the animation data, just the current animation settings. Would the copy have taken that into account? Or if there are 100 people on screen do I have 100 copies of all the "Human_Run" animation? This might not even be an issue, depending on how the above is solved. Thanks,

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