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Well, "Bully", I agree that some titles come out which really are just dull rehashes of the same idea. But making something "original" doesn't guarentee that it's going to be a great game either. There have been a lot of developers which have tried hard to create "original" games and have failed misserably. Anyone remember Trespasser?

The point I'm trying to make here is that it's not always easy to come up with original ideas that are also fun. A lot of the most popular (and fun) games that have come out recentely are not very new ideas at all. Look at Starcraft and Half-Life. They were great because they took already fun gameplay and made it better. There wasn't anything extremely new in there, they were just fun games.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Well, actually, Trespasser failed not because of its original idea wasn't well taken, but because of the bad physics engine and awful UI on which the game's premise depended on.
It had little to do with an unappealing theme or premise.

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I'll give u some advice at least add a little originality, even if it's not a serious project.

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