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about resource file

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There are some questions dangled in my brain for a long time. I hope someone can give my some suggestion. 1 I use the resource file system provided by VC6. I have hundreds of bmp to be stored. The thing annoying is when i change a little code patch in source, i must wait a long time for linking a new exe file. i wonder if i can store the bmps in several dll file, and use it as easy as them in exe file? If it is feasible, how can i get there? any additional steps to get them from dll? 2 Here also some text file describe some information about each bmp, how can i comprise it into resource? It seems VC doesn''t support such a resource style (I dont think a good idea to turn it into strings). any good suggestion? If there does have a way to bind them with other resources, how can i read it as same as a text file on disk?

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For the first question, I''m not sure about storing resources in DLLs, but if you have hundreds of bitmaps, you could always just save some disk space and use a compressed image format instead, like PNG, and load from external files instead of resources. A PNG loader isn''t hard to write if you use libpng, which in turn uses zlib for the codec.

If you have file information that you want to store in resources, but don''t want to use strings, then you can always make up a custom resource type. It''s pretty easy to do; the process is described in my Game Programming Genesis #2 that''s on the front page of this site right now.

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