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Global classes?

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My graphics class needs to be accessible for all other classes (they all want to draw stuff) but how do I do that? I think it was some static keyword but I tried to make the class global by putting it before main() but then I got : undeclared identifier In the other classes decleared inside main. How do I make a class global? Or do so that everyone can access it?

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I'd recommend you pass a pointer to the graphics class as a parameter to your drawing routines, but 'extern' is the keyword you use to make something truely global.

//In a header
extern GraphicsClass my_graphics_class;

//In one source file (and only one)
GraphicsClass my_graphics_class;

Then anyone that wants to use my_graphics_class needs to the include that header file first.

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However, globals do not belong to the OOP paradigm. A (perhaps) more sophisticated solution is the use of the singleton pattern. Basically it hides the constructor from users while exposing a function that returns (the one) instance of the class. Like this:

class CSingleton

static CSingleton* m_pInstance;

CSingleton( void );


~CSingleton( void );

static CSingleton* GetInstance( void )
if ( !m_pInstance )
m_pInstance = new CSingleton();
return m_pInstance;

See for yourself what you want to do. Greetz,


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Thats a very nice way to do it, had to read it a couple of times before I understood it though. :P

Thanks, Ill try to use that with my graphic class!

[edit] I triedto implent it, I added the protected stuff to my class:

class SdlHandle {
// singleton pattern
static SdlHandle* m_pInstance;
SdlHandle( RESX, RESY, 32 );

But then I get:

d:\Documents\CPP\Visual Studio Projects\TileSystem\SdlHandle.h(20) : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
d:\Documents\CPP\Visual Studio Projects\TileSystem\SdlHandle.h(20) : error C2238: unexpected token(s) preceding ';'
d:\Documents\CPP\Visual Studio Projects\TileSystem\SdlHandle.cpp(3) : error C2511: 'SdlHandle::SdlHandle(int,int,int)' : overloaded member function not found in 'SdlHandle'

Do the constructor need to be (void)? Sdl wants to know which resolution I like... Or should I make functions that can change the resuolution afterwards and let the constrcutor be void?

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