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[java] New Game Engine, New Games

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GTGE - a Java2D/OpenGL game engine release a new version today, version 0.2.3 What's new: * isometric background support, thanks to Arkkimaagi. * new splash screen - submitted by Arkkimaagi (thanks!). * changing the game window title and icon is now supported. * smart resource locater. * improved library security. * improved API documentations - generated by JavaDoc 1.5. Also several new games developed by GTGE users have been published to the site (more games are coming soon): Arcade Game: Anaconda NET, multiplayer LAN snake realistic movement game. Puzzle Game: Gumball Gauntlet, twisted puzzle game, can you pass all the levels?? require Java 1.5. Platform Game: Super Mario, clone of super mario brothers, the best platformer game ever! still in early released. Shooter Game: Star Streak Invasion, shooter game demo. Arcade Game: Lazer Tankz, multiplayer tron game, the networking is still buggy, so the developer decide to release the single player version first. Any comments, suggestions, or bugs?? Please try it out especially the first two, anaconda net and gumball gauntlet.

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