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Book: Programming Vertex and Pixel Shaders

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I got this book hoping for a good explanation of HLSL and effects files, but I was disappointed. There are only about 45 pages on HLSL and 15 pages on effects file (including pictures and sample code). Basically, it introduces the topics and then blazes though the details and glosses over the important areas. The rest of the book is yet another shader cookbook -- probably just selections from the Shader X series. But the worst part is that the book is full of errors and the examples are full of bugs. It is like nobody proof-read the book and nobody bothered to try out the sample code. To be fair, I haven't run into many major errors in the book so far, mostly lots of minor annoying ones. The bump mapping and parallax mapping shaders don't even work. Finally, I went to the book's web page and it said that replacing the version of DXUT on the CD with your version of DXUT would fix everything. For me, it only made it worse because the examples would no longer compile. Has anyone else looked at this book?

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