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problem with blender texturing

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skyfire    100
i followed the blender sword tutorial, i finished modeling the sword, but when i came to the part where you have to do uv mapping to the sword, i just barely got part where you flip the normals, after flipping the normals, i couldn't understand what the tutorial was saying a single bit. could somebody please help me texture the sword that i made using blender? here's the link where you can download the sword: sword mesh here's a link to the picture of what the sword looks like. as you can see, all of the normals are flipped but it still isn't textured. sword pic [Edited by - skyfire on July 4, 2005 7:15:09 PM]

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I'd reccomend that instead of a uv wrap, you could orco texture it.

In a sense, you must assign specific faces to one of the 6 textures



I use this method over UV texturing because findind the seams to complex meshes like people are mind-boggling.

I wonder which tutorial you are talking about. I could only find the sword modeling tutorial in gamedev but it dosen't talk about uv mapping. Is the tutorial from an outside scource?

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xCronus    100
UV maps in Blender make sense once you realize exactly what is implied by the term 'seams.'

A seam is just an edge that can separate into two more edges for the 2d representation of the 3d mesh.

I.E. Imagine a cardboard box just sitting there, and that its sides cannot become deformed (are stuck in that square/rectangle shape)
Then imagine this box is being crushed slowly by a huge....thing....and that it is splitting down to make a flat 2d box.....seams are just where the box falls apart.

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