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Explosions on light backgrounds

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_Flecko    196
I've got additive blended particle effects working fine over dark backgrounds using the render state DestinationBlend=Blend.One. Everything looks nice, bright, and detailed. However, on light backgrounds it looks all washed out - I guess the particles blend with the background and become too light. Is there any way to make effects look nice on light backgrounds/get them to blend with each other, but not what's on screen? Edit: haven't figured this out at all yet, but I know a little more now. I learned more about blending states, so I understand why this way doesn't work, I just don't totally understand how to do it better. The issue is that part of what the particle ought to do visually is lighten what's underneath it, but it also is to some extent opaque, so if it is blended with a white background it should darken/color it as well. I can't really think of any blends that represent this. Can anyone help? [Edited by - _Flecko on July 5, 2005 2:43:29 AM]

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kovacsp    306

maybe this will be better:


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