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Animating meshes in Managed DirectX - C#

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Hey guys, Sorry if this has been asked a million times but the search engine and Google didn't produce anything worthwhile. What I'm looking for is a tutorial for animating meshes using managed directX and C#. If anyone knows of any, they would be a great help.

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G'day mate... good to see someone from downunder... I grew up in Oz... in case u are wondering...!

anyway yes you are right, there aren't many (if any) tutorials out there on managed directx mesh animation. Maybe you should look at one of the C++ ones, and see if you can translate the code to C#.... the structure and all is quite similar. A good tute to start on is here.

It gives you a good explanation on how x meshes are animated thru the hierarchy. I'm working on meshes myself, but in C++ tho... so can't help you much on the code... but if you have questions regarding the theory I'll try to help you....

I know of two other guys who are working on the same thing as you tho... Kahsm and GeekSharp. Maybe you wanna try PMing them to see if you can get help?


EDIT: This is also pretty good.

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