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Fantasy Edge

An interesting way to look at magic.

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like many other games that have some sort of magic system in them, this one is no different. characters will still have the abillity to equip and learn special skills or magic that they can use in battle. however, unlike most of the games available now, this one will use a magic system that only works inside of battle and not in the field. The accumulation engine is what im gonna code name this as it involves the task of gathering energy into the spell that you are casting to make it work. Accumulate and Mp: mp is no longer a stat to govern the level of consumable magic point that you have with which to cast spells. Now it indicates the level at which Anyka can accumulate energy. accumulating energy is much like giveing a character an item that recovers Magic points. however, anyka retains no natural MP and thus has no natural ability to cast magic spells. to grant her access to this power, she has the ability to gather energy from around her using the "accumulate" command. this is much the same as the "draw" command although instead of converting suffering into health, accumulate takes energy from around you and temperarily stores it in spell crystals much like a battery does. however, this "mana" is not perminent and will start to disipate almost as soon as you gather it. So, it is important that you accumulate energy only when you are prepared to use a spell. You can accumulate energy in up to 3 spells per use. this means that you can charge up 3 seperate spells at a time and let them off almost like a string of fire balls once they are charaged. however, each additional spell beyond the first will only get half of the mana that the one before it does. so it will take much longer to charage 3 spells than it will to charge one. proper accumulate stratagy will however allow you wo cast 3 spells in rapid succession activating spell combo''s. these are the same as abbility combo''s but they pertain to magic. As anyka progresses through the game, she will gain more powerful magic crystals which will require more mana to use. as you level up, you will also be able to gather more energy from the land as well as raise your max mana level. when you look at the Mana menu, you will see 2 numbers in the place of the max mp and the current mp. now you will see the current accumulate level and the max amount that you can accumulate before you start to take damage from " mana burn" mana burn is an ailment that starts to injure you when you try to store too much energy at once. since you can charge 3 spells similtaniously, it is easy to forget the mana level inside you. the level will begin to drop almost instantly after it is accumulated but it may still damage you if the number is greater than your current max capacity. its like trying to stuff more air into a bag and haveing it pop. Mana burn will not be as messy however it will act much like poison untill the Mana stored in your spells is lower than the max level. However, there is a benefit to the mana burn. there will be some spells that their commands only become available when mana burn is set. these commands will release all the energy that you have accumulated in one powerfull wave of violent energy dealing somewhat heavy damage to everything near you. although powerful, an attack like this would not nessisarily be all that practical as this can make you lose a great many more Hit points than you would by simply casting normal spells and attacking. Elemental properties are also something that you must keep track of when you attempt to cast spells. an area has a bases elemental property atached to it. this will effect how much energy that you can accumulate at once.if you walk into an area with a shadow element lingering in its roots, your attempts to accumulate energy into a holy spell will be hampered by you gaining less energy and at a slower rate. acuumulation is measured in points per second. entering an area with an opposing elemental property will halve the ability to gain Mana meaning that you will take more time to gather the nessisary Mana to cast it. mosters also have elemental properties attached to them that govern the effectivness of the spell you cast. the ratio of elemental deffence is determined by how much Mana is funneled into a spell as well as the level of deffense to that element. Elemental level is also somthing that i wil be adding. there are 8 levels to this. both the spell and a character have element levels. when anyka''s elemental level goes up with a spell, she is more immune to that element. you will also have the ability to add the certain elements to your attacks to make them stronger. you can only have one element attached to your attack but you can be immune to as many elements as you have equiped. there are only slots for 8 magic crystals which means that you can only equip 8 types of magic. Each one will effect your elemental level by moving your element level to a different point on the magic sphere. there will be 16 elements. equiping more than one of the same element type will increase that elements level. when your level per element is at lv1 you will be able to nullify a certain percentage of that element. the incriment goes up by so much for each additional spell of that element you equip. each occurence of the element will raise the level by 1. so, if you were to equip 8 fire spells, you would have a lv 8 fire element and you would have a percent deffense equaling the percent of all the fire based attacks you have equiped . basically you would do more damage with that element and you would be stronger to that element. combining certain magic together will raise the percentage in different ways. try experimenting with different occurences of the same elemental type. example; Fire whirl 16% + Flare 78% + Omni flare 278%. adding these spells together will raise your element level in a big way. other combo''s might do more or less. there is room to be creative. also, spells. react to other spells equiped next to them on the ring which will not only increase the sum elemental level but also create new attacks by combining the two to make one new command. elemental level can also effect your attack. by setting a particular elemental type, you can atribute an element to your attack and abilities (certain abilites already have elements attached) There is a catch to this though. For elemental level to come into play, you need to have full mana in at least one spell in your inventory. since mana disipates over time, you will need to continually accumulate to maintain elemental level deffense. this is sort of a neat idea as you will always have to keep an eye on the magic you have equiped. this elemental system can get cheap later in the game as you gain more and more Mana from accumulate so as your character levels up, you will need more mana in a spell to maintain the elemental sheilding. although, it will not be possible to be immune to more than one element and you can only absorb one at a time. on top of that, raising your level will get more difficult as higher level magic will become very rare indeed. I am not text, I am not organized pixels, I am not killed by turning off your monitor, I am not isolated by turning off your computer. I just am.

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