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Please help me nut this idea out...

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My pet project for the new year is going to be a "game" (not specifying genre here) that is split into 3 acts. It is quite possible that the game will have an ancient greek theme, but if any other old cultures take my fancy then I will use them instead (actually, chinese culture appeals to me today). The first act sees the player taking part in some (historic?) military campaign, which is shown as a series of "diary entries". Each diary entry is an enactment of a significant event in this campaign, where the player''s actions determine the outcome. Of course, this act''s events take the shape of a branching tree where the outcome of an event decides the events to come. More importantly, this first act will have the player make certain decisions that shape the character in following acts. The player returns from the conflict and is recieved by the people in accordance with their actions, but something is amiss in the land. The second act ensues with the player to discover (through various means depending on how they fared in act I) the cause of the nation''s unrest. Obviously, the third act sees the player on a crusade to set the world right again, hopefully being suprised by some amazing (though completely believable) twist in the end. Now, combat in this game is meant to be dramatic and story driven with a real sense of danger involved, so their is no "draw weapon button". Instead, the game enters combat through dialogue, with the player being able to issue & accept challenges, & even sneaky rogue type NPC''s will yell some sort of warning before they pummell you. Combat itself is very simple, arcady, and realtime. You are either f**ked, or you are not f**ked. If you get hit in a vital spot, then you are f**ked. simple. There are no animals or goblins to fight, most opponents are human warriors, some may have supernatural ability. Hmm, If it was Chinese then it could have some kung-fu moves in it, and some non-lethal combat... I think maybe a lightning fast kung-fu & magic showdown with an evil spirit might be cool too (must.. stop.. brainstorming..) Anyway, if anyone has bothered reading all this, I was wondering if anyone had comments on what would suck here. My suck-o-meter seems to be broken. You may have noticed that a lot of the story is missing. That''s because I haven''t got drunk and thought that bit up yet...

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You''re still at hte brainstorming step.
Go to the Designing step and when you''ll have a design come back in here

Try to see the game design section of this website to learn more about it.
We all have ideas but only a few can make them games, and fewer good games...

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