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War game

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Does anybody think the idea of a 3d type version of command and conquer, but with units and tactics from the second world war. I like the idea of different maps for different regions, like desert, forest, mountain. There could be objectives for each screen that rely on waiting for support units to arrive, like paratroopers and tanks. Just think it might be a fairly easyish game to write and would be interesting to play. I have already got the foundations of my 3d engine going which is currently throwing around some .3ds objects. Opinions??

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Well i have thought about that idea too...
i just havn''t got the right skills to create it my self...
Tell me if you are going to make something of it...
maybe i could help?
I am good at graphics and some story editing...
but WW2 has already got a story, eh?

Mail me: Freddan_Teamanfred@hotmail.com

/Frederik. TeaManfred (Team Manfred)

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man!!! thats sounds awsome!
and please dont do a future based game...
the world have enough of them....
i think that old war game is an original fantastic idea!!!
about the story-line:
you dont have to do the "WW2" story....
you can bring a story that goin on during the WW2 ....
or somthing like this....
if you want some more idea''s you can contact me at my E-mail:

hoping that i helped you a little bit...
David Rubin

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Just having a few more ideas on it.

I do like the idea of certain levels or battles where the player is in a position of trying to say hold an area with one type of unit, say Infantry against impossible odds until reinforcements arrive and mayba being able to take risks with airdrops etc.

I like the idea of having artillery or mortars and softening up say a river bank or beachhead before assaulting it.

I am going to be working today on getting my engine to draw terrain, it currently will throw .3ds models about at high speed including lighting and a simple phyics model including gravity.

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Well, i really like that idea...
I was the Annonymous poster above...
If you need some scenarios and a few ideas... don''t hessitate to mail:

"Nasa''''s robot crashed on mars,
but here we trash it, on RobotWars!"

-Sir Manfred

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You GOTTA check out Ground Control. I''ve never played a 3D game with a better user interface.

Also, it''s real fun and includes loads of the ideas you mention...

- JQ
"Um, hi. Aaaaaaarrrgggghhhh" -me

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