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Punch, Kick, Fighting Sound Effects......

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Does anyone know where I can get some fight sound effects. I need stuff such as people getting hit, people grunting and those sort of fighting sound effects. Any help would be appreciated THanX!

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For free, or for pay?

I purchased a CD of mixed effect for raw material from the Hollywood Edge Folks - the Super Single II - and am pretty happy with it as far as mix of sounds, quality, etc. goes. It''s on an audio CD but the ol'' CD burner does a killer job of bringing those tracks into WAVE format for fiddling with... it''s not cheap at $60.00 but the quality and quantity can''t be beat. The Super Single I had punches, metal body blows, all kinds of goodies - hit www.hollywoodedge.com and get a track listing for the CD. It saved me way more than $60 worth of aggravation trying to find what I needed for free (a lot of the public domain .WAV files out there are so full of noise that they''re unusable).

Otherwise, if you have a decent tape recorder or a modestly good mike hooked up to a respectable sound card, you can make your own. It''s amazing what hitting a bag of rice with various household implements will sound like, heh heh heh...

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