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Silly DX8 Question

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Ok this is a serious question for me, but others my find this silly. Here goes, When working with DX8Graphics, which parts are handled by the module, and which parts do I have to handle in code by myself? Parts Like... Scene Traversal, Transformation, Hidden Surface Removal, Lighting, Clipping, Rasterazation, Etc., Etc., Etc... ie. Lighting, DX8 has lighting, so I just "plug in" values and go on, or does not, so, I have to code a lighting "engine" myself? In otherwords, for other then compatability, what does DX8Graphics offer me for 3D game development? AND, please without starting a flame war, which parts do OpenGL take care of? Outside of Graphics, is DX the only game in town, or are there other options? Again it is not my intent to start a flame war, please don''t do it! If you do, this post will be removed and I will not find any answers. I want serious opionated answers from those that HAVE coded with these Moduels to offer me some guidence. Thats all Im asking for. Thank you for your advice, and your time, that you have given to reply, A. Randt, aka. .Aman. aman@twcny.rr.com

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Hidden Surface Removal,

All these are rendering processes which DirectX Graphics handles.
You have to take care of arranging the set of potentially visible polygons and sending this to the renderer.

I think OpenGL is pretty much the same.

There are several engines which lie on top of either DirectX or OpenGL and do all the scene management stuff for you (Genesis and Crystal Space are two that come to mind - I think there is a link somewhere on this site to a list of loads more) as well as input,networking,sound and so on.

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